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Perinatal mental health week – what I wish I knew back then…

Today we wrap up Perinatal Mental Health week here in Australia, and the recognition of the critical care that new mothers and families need during pregnancy and early motherhood. I would argue that this care needs to be stretched from before conception to late/teenage motherhood (the one I find myself in right now). However, let’s… Continue reading Perinatal mental health week – what I wish I knew back then…

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Dream Work

I started working with my Dreams in my early 20s - 2000-2001, when I began my Psychoanalytic training as part of my Psychology degree in Bulgaria. I remember the trepidation, self-awareness, and tingle with which we started each session. Those were group discussions on Classical Freudian Psychoanalytic Dream analysis. We gathered weekly for 2 years… Continue reading Dream Work

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Parenting during a Pandemic

As part of my research work at Peach Tree Perinatal Wellness 🍑🧡 I have been investigating the impact of COVID-19 on mothers. I got to speak with some Super Women whose stories of incredible resourcefulness while on the brink of mental collapse were just do I put it - otherworldly! Pregnancy, birthing and early… Continue reading Parenting during a Pandemic

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The reproduction of the Black Mother stereotype.

When I became a new mum I lived in America. At the time a friend of mine had also just had her second baby. She was Black. I don’t remember ever considering that fact. Until one afternoon. We used to go to a local playground together-buzzing with bubbas and mummas from all races, ages and… Continue reading The reproduction of the Black Mother stereotype.

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Motherhood: my hardest quest and my best guide on self-awareness

It’s about 12 years ago, during my pregnancy, when I remember engaging with my parenting model for the first time, from a much different perspective. I was full of questions about my own way of parening. Who would I be in a few months? I remember filling journal pages with the Mother I saw my… Continue reading Motherhood: my hardest quest and my best guide on self-awareness

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On mornings with mySelf

I don’t know how you love to spend your early mornings but I am going to share my routine of wellness which has supported me from early motherhood through mothering an almost 12-year old. Although many ways of doing and being have changed since then, and everything is logistically easier, my mental space is equally… Continue reading On mornings with mySelf