IFS (Internal Family System) Individual sessions

Individual Sessions for women who are seeking a well-integrated, intuitive and more authentic sense of self.

Offered in my private practice in Annerley, Brisbane, Australia (HORÓ Counselling), and Online via Zoom for International Clients.


Such sessions bring:

~ Deeper connection with your Inner Self and with others
~ Increased Intuition
~ Wellbeing, Creativity & Vitality
~ Self-compassion and Self-Leadership
~ Increased awareness for Self-care
~ Increased ability to‘Sit with’ your experiences
~ Ability to tolerate discomfort
~ Re-writing of your story
~ An integrated sense of Self
~ Relief from symptoms of distress, anxiety, depression, isolation

My approach:

~ Evidence-based (I have over 12 years background experience in research and all my approaches are based on evidence) Simply, put – I do my homework!)

~ Non-clinical (although Clinical Psychology and clinical approaches as a whole have an important place in health, my framework is centered in stories, connection, embodied presence and deep active listening, it is not authoritative or didactic, but follows each woman’s individual needs, here and now.

~ Non-diagnostic and non-pathologizing (My approach transcends diagnostic criteria and approaches each human being as intrinsically whole, complete and filled with potential for healing and thriving)

~ Geared towards Self-Leadership (I am trained in IFS – Internal Family Systems model L2, my approach is grounded in Self-compassion and the notion that we can all heal)

~ Attachment and safety oriented

~Narrative & Therapeutic storytelling ( I use elements of Narrative therapy, Myth, Fairytales and therapeutic storytelling to support you in your own understanding, interpretation and re-writing of your life story)

~ Psychoanalysis ( I am trained in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and use elements of it)

~ Archetypal work (I use a Carl Jung’s approaches to Active Imagination, and Archetypal work where we dive deep into the unconscious and safely access a more intuitive and important part of our psyche)

~ Depth Psychology (I trained with Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés in person to work with Feminine Empowerment, Fairytales, Dreams and Trans work)

~ Dream analysis (I rely on dreams as one pathway to the unconscious, along with fairy tales and myth)

~Mindfulness (I use ACT practices, and Vipassana-informed mindfulness and breath-work for deep relaxation and calming one’s mind, I rely heavily on a Buddhist framework of understanding one’s mind and working at supporting it)

~Art & Creativity (I use various Art therapy approaches to unleash a more creative, intuitive and playful aspects out the human experience)

~Book- and Cinema-therapy (I use film and “prescribe” books for wellbeing)

~Green Sessions (I offer sessions in the forest for a full embodied experience of wellness and connection with the Universe and our inherent sense of unity with mother nature)

~Dance, humming, chanting and singing (coming up workshops with Balkan dance and singing of incredible Bulgarian songs)

TESTIMONIALS (for most updates refer to clients feedback section):

“I was humbled and delighted by the depth and precision of Aleks’s guidance.”
“Aleksandra is a Walking Warm Light”
‘Working with Aleksandra has changed my life…”
“Aleksandra’s intuitive facilitation was super impressive & provided a safe & nurturing space for me to explore & express ❤ I loved connecting to the magical, creative & sparkly aspect of myself & life….all thanks to her beautiful ability to hold a secure energetic container.”


The kettle is on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


Contact and bookings: horoforwomen@gmail.com