Boys and the need for the Feminine

The men of the next generation who need to be sensitive, expressive, nonviolent, respectful, assertive and loving of women…

The role of parents and MOTHERS today is big, heavy with responsibility. Especially when it sits outside of the traditional way to bring up boys who are tough, macho, sportsy, with accepted “boys will be boys” behaviors towards girls, and you know all those gendered norms (that make me sick!).

Mothering boys needs to be done with wholehearted dedication.

With Soul.

With softness.
With Anima (the Feminine energy in men).
With prioritizing connection and attachment.
With engaging them in social activism.
With modeling ourselves.
With questioning, and closely examining cultural “facts” WITH them and bringing new ways forward.

This means constant pushing against. This means subversing ages of dogma. This means mothers are yet again on the frontline. This means they need strength, inspiration, and importantly they need support.

It also requires an entire social awareness and change towards a society of equality, care and embracing of the Feminine.

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