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Humming, chanting, gargling – state of social engagement and Polyvagal theory

Just finished Stanley Rosenberg’s book Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve, super accessible and packed with practical and soooo very applicable advice on assessing the state of mine and clients’ vagus nerve (cranial nerves linked to major functions of the parasympathetic-or rest and digest-nervous system) before and after psychotherapy sessions.

In order to influence change and deep healing we need to be in a safe and calm state, this is Psych 101.

However, it is not always thought in school how to ensure we get into this state ourselves and to make sure we support clients into accessing this state prior to each interaction or intervention.

This is what holistic approach to health means to me.

We have such easy and safe ways to get ourselves into calm…

I have been fascinated by Steven Porges approach on the importance of the Vagus Nerve and the Polyvagal theory.

I have been working on activating the 10th sacral nerve or the vagus nerve that travels all through our body, for quite some time, with various and super simple exercises like these. And those working with me know of these:

🌱 longer exhale, deep and slow belly breathing

🌱 humming, chanting and singing

🌱 filling the mouth with saliva or liquid and sitting with it, preferably cold

🌱 gargling of the throat

🌱 dance

🌱 cold water on the face (especially the area between the mouth and eyes)


But now I got the theory and understanding behind it.

The best message of the book- to ensure we bring ourselves regularly into a state of social engagement.

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