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On hibernation

Time to rest, time to hibernate. Not to die but to PAUSE, to acknowledge the cycle of LIFE-DEATH-LIFE. ⭕️

I have, just like all of you probably, been emotionally thrown to a million places:

Grief, loss, fear, determination, care, deep connection, anxiety, calm, insights, aloneness, hope, overwhelm, patience, overdoing, impatience, anger, frustration, divination, denial, acceptance, silver lining, despair, letting go…

Letting go.

I am acknowledging the cycle of life, the universal force of resting in the storm and in the ultimate quiet that this brings.

Once you see it just pay your respect to it. Sit with the grief and relinquish expectations.

Broken-open but breathing.

And the little seeds that I have buried with me in the soil are receiving my patient warmth. My love. My non-rushing.

Because if there’s anything I know with certainty it is that the seedlings 🌱🌱🌱 will sprout again.

All I need it to tend to the soil.

💫I am also incredibly humbled and short of words (barely processed the news and my own decision) but my HORÓ nest, my physical space, that I have tended to with motherly fierce love and dedication during the last 9months-my gestational wobmlike space, will be there for me. It’s waiting intact. In a moment of stillness💫

Not dead.

Just hibernating.

Will be seeing you all there when SPRING comes. Spring, as you know me to always say, always comes.

Big love to you all! Have a restful, peaceful, accepting and allowing-for-it-all week 🙏🏻💛



Image by: HansmyHedgehog

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