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On Mothering without the Village

The horror of COVID 19 for our family was not about getting infected and not making it, or losing work that much, or closing my practice. It wasn’t about missing our families in Europe and saying goodbye to another year that we couldn’t go back to visit…It wasn’t about dreading the homeschooling and being stuck… Continue reading On Mothering without the Village


On the need and the power of Rituals

The importance and need for ritual has been pushed away from dominant cultural norms. If primitive men and women engaged in rituals on a regular basis and acknowledged and celebrated each milestone with a proper rite of passage, modern humans deliberately and mindlessly bypass such parts of life, deeming them outdated, wishy-washy, and just unnecessary.… Continue reading On the need and the power of Rituals

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On hibernation

Time to rest, time to hibernate. Not to die but to PAUSE, to acknowledge the cycle of LIFE-DEATH-LIFE. ⭕️ I have, just like all of you probably, been emotionally thrown to a million places: Grief, loss, fear, determination, care, deep connection, anxiety, calm, insights, aloneness, hope, overwhelm, patience, overdoing, impatience, anger, frustration, divination, denial, acceptance,… Continue reading On hibernation

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On mornings with mySelf

I don’t know how you love to spend your early mornings but I am going to share my routine of wellness which has supported me from early motherhood through mothering an almost 12-year old. Although many ways of doing and being have changed since then, and everything is logistically easier, my mental space is equally… Continue reading On mornings with mySelf

About me, Lists, lived experiences, Mothering, Self-care, therapy

Sitting with the Discomfort

What a day...?! “Sitting with the discomfort” is not only a concept I work with my clients...it’s a state of mind that I constantly explore every day, and some days it’s right-in-my-face ...or whenever in my body it hits me. I sit, I breathe through it, I let it bubble up and watch from the… Continue reading Sitting with the Discomfort