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SELF heals ~ the magic and truth of approaching your suffering differently, via IFS

Imagine the vast landscape of your inner world, brimming with a multitude of unique and intricate parts, each carrying its own stories, emotions, and beliefs. Within this sacred inner sanctuary, you are the orchestrator of harmony and transformation. Your essence, your true Self, radiates with a divine light that permeates every aspect of your being.… Continue reading SELF heals ~ the magic and truth of approaching your suffering differently, via IFS

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Ah another Mother’s day

Ah Mother’s Day! Every year, as I lay quietly in my bed way before the boys are up to ‘surprise me’, I ponder about the journey it’s been. The word journey doesn’t seem to cut it though…more of an abrupt end of one journey…into something inexplicable. It’s my 15th year into the inexplicable. It’s my… Continue reading Ah another Mother’s day

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The “perfect family day”

Here’s the thing about expectations…I look like I am about to make a really meaningful post about life and parenting and finding the silver lining in shitty situations BUT …. (With the risk of sounding really ozzie) yeah nah! I planned ‘the perfect day’ for our little family of 3, which lately feels like a… Continue reading The “perfect family day”

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Self-led Parenting

Parenting is a tough gig. It’s something that stays forever, and the rewards come in rather unexpected ways, and with a huge delay sometimes. Parenting can also bring to the surface unexplained amounts of shame, guilt, and self-doubt. Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy has been a greatly helpful approach in healing layers of shame and… Continue reading Self-led Parenting

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IFS (Internal Family Systems) approach to Eating disorders

Eating disorders (ED) are among the most deadly of psychiatric disorders… even when moderate ED symptoms are present a person can feel quite overwhelmed and bound by a complex experience of helplessness, shame and control. Traditional psychotherapy relies on eliminating and stabilizing behaviors and thoughts … which generally increases symptoms and magnetizes the client to… Continue reading IFS (Internal Family Systems) approach to Eating disorders

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IFS ~ healing from the inside out

The Internal Family Systems (IFS) model is a cutting-edge approach to treating the lasting impact of trauma, helping us to better understand and heal the different parts of ourselves. Image by Alana Jay By using self-compassion and mindfulness, IFS allows us to access our inner wisdom and resolve internal conflicts. The IFS model approaches the… Continue reading IFS ~ healing from the inside out

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IFS Healing Circle for Women (new dates added Brisbane, Australia; Oct-Nov, 2023)

My next offering is a big one! I have secretly been cooking it since the beginning of the pandemic. Yet, I feel as ready as I can, to birth it, so here it is: Please join me for one of a kind 7-week Healing Circle for Women grounded in these deeply nourishing therapeutic modalities: ~ IFS (Internal… Continue reading IFS Healing Circle for Women (new dates added Brisbane, Australia; Oct-Nov, 2023)