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Lockdown Self-compassion

🖤Lockdown🖤Sitting with lots of Inner Activation. 💜Recognizing All that is present for my Inner world right now. All the discomfort. Disappointment. Disconnection. Dreams undone. The turmoil. Not trying to change it. Just giving it a name. A good label. Some air. 💜Allowing it All to be. Just as it is. Painful. Unfair. Hopeless. Raw. Triggering.… Continue reading Lockdown Self-compassion

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On Mothering without the Village

The horror of COVID 19 for our family was not about getting infected and not making it, or losing work that much, or closing my practice. It wasn’t about missing our families in Europe and saying goodbye to another year that we couldn’t go back to visit…It wasn’t about dreading the homeschooling and being stuck… Continue reading On Mothering without the Village

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On hearing the call towards transformation and healing

🌿On hearing the call to change🌿 Take some time to reflect on what it means to transform, heal, change, grow... Where does it even begin? The whispers from within that tell you: “Hmm, I wonder what would it feel like if I wasn’t in a constant state of vigilance, anxiety, fear?” “I wonder what is… Continue reading On hearing the call towards transformation and healing

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On cultivating a Forgiving Heart

💔What does Forgiveness look like for you?💔 Cultivating a forgiving heart is surely an endless, slow, deep-reaching and highly transformative process. Sitting with, facing, working with and embracing trauma is hard. Healing is a cyclic process. Transformation can happen suddenly, in a highly insightful moment, and also, and much more often, as a result of… Continue reading On cultivating a Forgiving Heart

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On mornings with mySelf

I don’t know how you love to spend your early mornings but I am going to share my routine of wellness which has supported me from early motherhood through mothering an almost 12-year old. Although many ways of doing and being have changed since then, and everything is logistically easier, my mental space is equally… Continue reading On mornings with mySelf

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Sitting with the Discomfort

What a day...?! “Sitting with the discomfort” is not only a concept I work with my clients...it’s a state of mind that I constantly explore every day, and some days it’s right-in-my-face ...or whenever in my body it hits me. I sit, I breathe through it, I let it bubble up and watch from the… Continue reading Sitting with the Discomfort

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reflections from Original Voice, Colorado, 2019

“Might as well be exactly who you are cos half of the world won’t like you anyway” Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Unapologetically. Exactly. Who you are. Original Voice training in the Colorado Mountains with the one and only Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes, in full autumn 🍂 🍁 where do I begin...? Intense days and nights filled… Continue reading reflections from Original Voice, Colorado, 2019

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Motherhood, uncensored (reminiscing on my 1st year of mothering, 2009)

Hi there. Below is my very fist blog post which contains rambles and quite unacademic (but fully lived) reflections on becoming a mother, fresh of the hospital. I wrote this about 9 years ago... I have to admit that mothering, the big M, transformed me in the most fundamental ways, not ever imaginable. It propelled… Continue reading Motherhood, uncensored (reminiscing on my 1st year of mothering, 2009)

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Thanks for joining me! A few words about me. I am an academic and my research centers around women's health and women's studies and mental health, particularly maternal perinatal mental health, pregnancy, birth, trauma and postnatal depression; I also work in youth wellbeing and cancer projects; I write books (for children and story-tales for grown… Continue reading Thanks for checking out my online space