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‘No Trauma Mama’ Perinatal Wellness

NO TRAUMA MAMA is a Perinatal Wellness Support Bundle I wished I had back when I was embarking on my Motherhood journey!

A safe space to share, discuss, brainstorm, feel, sense, cry, process in preparation for your MAMAhood.

No Trauma Mama Bundle

This is a package of therapy sessions and support for expecting mothers!

It’s juicy, nourishing, soulful and gentle to prepare you and equip you on your journey of Motherhood!
Whether you are a 1st time mama or you already have children but you wish something supportive, wholesome and soul-nourishing this time around!

No Trauma Mama Bundle consists of:

  • 2 sixty mins sessions (Online or In Person) during your pregnancy
    where we go over your resources, self-care, and any concerns and fears you might have with you
  • 3 Comfort Phone calls after your labour (at your convenience)
  • 1 Green session 95mins – walk and talk with your baby out in nature *conditions apply
  • 2 sixty mins sessions (in person or online)
  • 1 voucher to attend an event in my practice (within 1 year of purchase)

Get in touch if this has been something you have been dreaming of!!!


With bundles of love,

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