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Dream Work

I started working with my Dreams in my early 20s – 2000-2001, when I began my Psychoanalytic training as part of my Psychology degree in Bulgaria.

I remember the trepidation, self-awareness, and tingle with which we started each session.

Those were group discussions on Classical Freudian Psychoanalytic Dream analysis. We gathered weekly for 2 years and combined theory with experiential learning.



I am quite confident to say that those Dream groups shaped me in a way that I could have never imagined, and importantly, in a way that I am particularly grateful for…


Of course, there came the Deep Sleep, but not the  one that offers deep realizations about oneself, but the metaphorical deep sleep. I call that period when all inner eyes and years just fell asleep and I oriented my efforts, energy and work towards the acquisition of … things:

  • Titles
  • Degrees
  • High heels
  • Vacations
  • The constructed ideas of the shiny family – a house, a dog, and voila – a new baby!

It was a few years after that I managed to shake off or… to actually wake up from all of this, and make myself once again available to the lessons of the Unconscious, to the deep work of sitting with, working with and sensing the Symbols that my own Psyche was offering to me every night.

In the last year, I’ve felt as if I have been called to make this work more and  more available to others.


I have combined the learnings from Freud, Jung, Marion Woodman, Marie Louise Von Franz, and Clarissa Pinkola Estes, to create DREAM ACADEMY.

Dream Academy is an experiential learning course that runs over 5 weeks and it offers:

  • Dream Theory
  • Dream Analysis
  • Symbol work

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🌘A 5-week immersion course at the Dream Academy
with Aleksandra Staneva, PhD🌒

Women Circle Format
Deeply Transformative
Invoking our Inner Goddess
Connecting theory with practice
Unconscious & Embodied processing

We will

~Explore the nature and function of Dreams from an Jungian-informed practice
~Learn about Common Symbols and Archetypes in dreams
~Employ Hands-on Dream Interpretation Tools
~Master a step-wise process of analysis
~Work with Nightmares and Repetitive dreams and their importance
~Learn about the role of Dreams in your waking life
~Depth and Analytical Therapeutic Tools for Self-help and Self-knowledge
~Integrate the learnt material into practical and everyday life
~Experience a deep sense of healing and wellness
~Play with Oracle Goddess and Archetype cards
~Enliven some hidden or silenced creative parts of your soul
~Connect with like-minded women
~Learn practical techniques on dream recording
~Disrupt some myths around Dream analysis
~Integration of symbols into relationships with Self and Others

❤️A Women Circle of deep connection❤️

Hope to see you there!

We gather in my private practice in Annerley. Get in touch if this is the right fit for you


With Love,


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