Mother’s day transformations

Oh Mother’s day! Mother’s day has many facets. Like a diamond. Being a Mother is infused with so much energy, it swirls around polarized emotions and representations. From the selfless sacrificial Madonna, to the Death Mother, who usurps and kills parts of us.

As you know too well, the Perfect Mother that is emblemized on this day, the one who is culturally overstuffed with praise for her nurturing, selflessness, needs-sensing, kindness, is only one face of the Mother archetype. And as most Archetypes she is not only undefinable but also her status is high up on the Goddess pedestal, and unachievable. So this sugarcoated representation is something to be cautious about.

If you grew up feeling unseen, invalidated, or with instability, if you grew up with inner parts of you that were rejected, abandoned and straight killed, you will have seen some of her other faces.

Because our mothers are our first sense of Self, of who am I, of where do I fit in the world, that relationship becomes the blueprint for how we relate to life at large.

Our mothers thus hold that ultimate power especially when we are at our most vulnerable and powerless state.

If you experienced abuse, violence or neglect as a child, today can feel particularly triggering.

If you lost your mother (at any age, but particularly when you were tiny) today can take you back to that black empty inner hole.

If you have made the big leap of self-awareness of how you were mothered. If you examined your experience and forgave the blame. If you have done the hardest work on taking care of your own MotherWounds so that you can say a firm NO! MOTHERWOUND STOPS WITH ME!, and are doing the daily work of Knowing, Feeling, Accepting and then Doing a better job at mothering your own babies, I AM SENDING YOU THE GREATEST BOW, I am saluting you on this beautiful day.

It’s a celebration of your own transformation into your best version. Into your wise inner Mother. Because she is always there!

This day becomes the great reminder for your power, your strength to overcome the pain, addressing your trauma and TRANSFORMING it into new energy of love, compassion and care. For your children and for your self.

Because you know better.

Much love to you, MOTHER!


Isn’t this black beauty just gorgeous?! As I was reflecting on Mother’s day yesterday I saw her perched right next to me. So I related her message to you here! 💙🖤💙

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