Clients’ feedback

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🙏🏻🌹Thank you thank you thank you 🌹🙏🏻

It took me a bit of therapist speed dating to find Aleks and I’m so glad I did. Aleks has changed my life really; not by healing me but by teaching me to heal myself – through her academic knowledge, her ability to see and work with the Self/spirit/soul, and just her own life experience and relatability. 
She truly has a unique approach and ability to get to the core of you and your story really quickly. She gets it, she gets you. She holds you, supports you, and seems to know the exactly right moment to push and challenge you too.  
It’s hard for me to envisage an end to our work together because she’s more than a therapist and counsellor, Aleks is a born guide and a teacher. The longer we work together, the more I find a path back to myself. I couldn’t recommend her more.” (D. 32, United Kingdom, Online Individual Counselling) 8 Dec 2020
“Thank you so much for the session on Friday…
I was in such a bad headspace all day leading up to it and I thought about cancelling because I was worried it might make me feel worse. I left your beautiful space feeling lighter and saw my self and my mind through a much kinder lens. 
Self compassion is something I’m actively trying to practice and you help me see my strengths and accept my challenges. 
It’s like you crawled into the tangled maze in my mind (where I frequently get lost), gently hold my hand and help me find the way out. Not only do you walk with me at my own pace but you help shine a torch on how I got lost in the first place and wait patiently for me to stop beating myself up for the wrong turns I took along the way. 
As I said on Friday… thanks for tugging on the right strings. You are a very skilled practitioner! 
I appreciate you and am grateful for your service.“(September 2022)
I can’t recommend Aleksandra enough. She is a wonderful and very knowledgeable therapist who so gently holds and believes in me as I journey through my life’s traumas, curiosities and joys.

I was drawn to working with Aleksandra for her work using IFS but have been greatly warmed by her extensive knowledge, lived experience and her ability to safely guide me in exploring more deeply who I am, the parts of me that struggle with motherhood whilst being entangled in the pressures of the outside world and the way the world perceives women.

I have been working with Aleksandra for a while now in private sessions, supervision and women’s circles and am thrilled to have found her after a long search for just the right therapist who has a bottom up approach (not just CBT), helps me to explore all parts of myself and trusts in my ability to heal.

Previously I have always felt like I have been failing in life and therapy and now I live life from curiousity, love and acceptance.

Thank you Aleks for all that you do, for your passion and commitment to this work and for your generosity of heart.“(September 2022)


“Thanks Aleks. And thank you so much for today… you are SO incisive. You asked me how I felt telling that story and I didn’t really know. But now I can see that telling these stories in a safe way where I am truly listened to and heard… it’s like writing a memoir and really becoming a witness and champion to my own story – warts (shame, embarrassment) and all. This is me!

I feel a bit shook and, yes, sad, but somehow in a good way?? I have a feeling it’ll make more sense tomorrow but I don’t need to overanalyse now. 
[Baby] is asleep on my knee and I’m looking out at the fog, feeling my feelings. 🙂
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m glad I found you – you have a gift. ” (D., a mother of a 6 months old, United Kingdom, Online StoryWise Counselling)

T. (‘ReWilding-going to our true inner Home’ 5-week Women Workshop)Thank you so very much for bringing together the magic that  took place over the past weeks.

It has carried me, and will continue to move with me as I move with myself.

I drove home in the direction of the moon and as I faced her that feeling of home came over me – like all is right and I am with.

The growth and blooming that I experience from attending your workshops/1:1’s is so powerful in my life.

Be well and see you at the next exchange ♾


“Aleks, I don’t even know where to start.

Doing the work with you has been life changing in many ways, today I want to highlight that as a black, indigenous and immigrant woman, it has been very healing to tell and validate my story in a culturally and holistically inclusive space.

I know it make sound complex but it is just the way a feel. I feel validated and heard.

I also wanted to thank you, because I have gained a lot of insight and compassion for myself by doing the parts work and seeing my emotional wounds.

I have a lot of things to thank you every day and I just think I have made an amazing decision in choosing you as my guide and psychologist

As a Social Worker (Child safety officer) my sessions with you have also provide significant support to decrease burn- out, stress, you have taught me how to develop more healthy copying skills and it has overall improved my wellness and relationships at work.”


Aleks came like a sunshine in my storm and helped me unveil so many beautiful rainbows 🌈 and on top of it enjoy the rain and wind. Every time we chat I feel her wisdom and guidance to self discovery  are like a balsam for my soul . Thank you Aleks so so much , words are not enough to express how grateful I am so sending many many hugs ❤️” (L., 40, Online Counselling)


I don’t really like groups so was hesitant to go the Selfcare- meeting your Inner Child workshop, but I’m so glad I did. It felt very comfortable and friendly. Aleks is an amazing, warm and caring being who can naturally put people at ease and make them feel understood and cared for. I took away a lot from the workshop and implemented the learnings in my day-to-day life.Thank you Aleks for putting together such a thoughtful and useful event, it really made a difference.” Eva, 40, attending the Inner Child day workshop


My time with Aleksandra was extremely helpful in a difficult period in my life. She is nurturing, caring and really understanding. I leave every session feeling uplifted, heard and with a little more clarity! I highly recommend Aleksandra as a professional psychotherapist.” (L., mother of a newborn and a 3-year old, Individual Counselling Motherhood Out Loud)


I participated in one female group guided by Aleksandra last year, she made a huge impact on me with her knowledge, commitment, and dedication to this therapeutic work. Aleksandra provided us with a wonderful opportunity (space) to think about ourselves, create our own therapeutic goals and strive for wholeheartedness. I am so grateful that this magnificent experience that I call a gift to my self, allowed me to make time for me, be present in the moment, inspired me to be emotionally sincere, and I was able to think more deeply about myself, listen to my feelings and initiate some work that I have put on hold for a long time.
I sincerely and lovingly recommend her to guide you. Aleksandra is amazing.” (I., “Feminine Intuition” and “Inner Child” workshops)


A wonderfully refreshing approach to women’s wellness. I attended a 3-hour women’s circle workshop of Aleks’ and it was such a safe and welcoming environment. Aleks is an extremely warm and empathic facilitator – she helps create a wonderful space for reflection and change.” (T., a Clinical Psychologist, ‘Red Goddess’ event)


I highly recommend Aleksandra. She is extremely knowledgeable, respectful and welcoming. It is instantly obvious that she genuinely cares and it shows in every interaction with her. I am so grateful to have found her.” (S., 35, a mother of two, Individual sessions ‘StoryWise’


A big, generous & heartfelt thanks for having me in your w’shop yesterday, your intuitive facilitation was super impressive & provided a safe & nurturing space for me to explore & express ❤️ I loved connecting to the magical, creative & sparkly aspect of myself & life….all thanks to your beautiful ability to hold a secure energetic container. So grateful 🌺 💜💚❤️ (S., 45, attending The Inner Child workshop)

Aleks is very knowledgeable, insightful, kind and helpful. Would recommend any day!” (E., a mother of 2 and a body work specialist, Individual Sessions)

Wow, thank you so so much for today. I have so many feelings/thoughts that I am sorting through and it feels surprisingly good and light. I am grateful beyond words that you are working with me.” (S., 35-years old, mum of 2, individual counselling in StoryWise sessions)

Friends! I just finished this beautiful course and because Aleks is so brilliant at what she does, there is more to come!! This was a little out of my comfort zone initially, but I’ve got to say that I absolutely loved it, and I’m sure [partner’s name omitted for privacy]….and maybe also mum, and dad, and [friend’s name, and friend’s name] and Bro…are sick of me starting my conversations with “so at women’s circle this week…” As a group we explored fairy tales and poetry, weaved through some psychoanalytic theory, and learnt about archetypes, to talk about intuition, motherhood, and our lives as (wild) women. We cooked up a little creativity and inspiration, a lot of magic, and rose tea, plus I met some really cool chickas along the way. Lots of claps for Aleks. Can not recommend enough 💕💕💕 (S., a new mum and a Clinical Psychologist, Feminine Intuition Course)

Aleks is a walking warm light” (R., a new mother attending Motherhood Out Loud Individual Counselling)

I just did this course and it was hands down brilliant. Totally not usually my cup-of-tea, but it explores Carl Jung archetypes and other means of exploring identity and intuition. The facilitator is fantastic and really good and moving the course at pace without depriving anyone of self-exploration and discovery. Check it out!” (M., 35, mother, attending the Feminine Intuition Course)

I can’t even express how much this group has changed my life for good” (I.,a child educator, attending the Feminine Intuition Course)

I was assisting artist tonight with the most wonderful, most knowledgeable, Dr Aleksandra Staneva. I got to listen to her read Clarissa Pinkola Estes retelling of Vasilisa the Wise and it was like revisiting my old friends; Vasilisa, Baba Yaga, her Chicken Legged Hut, and of course, her Little Doll. I am so energised by Aleks’ approach and am most happy to have met the circle of women who have come along for the journey!” (L. mother, artist, attending the Feminine Intuition Course)
“Shout out to Aleks for the most beautiful start to the Horo workshop last night. The energy in the room was so palpable, raw, honest and shared. I’m so happy to be on this journey with you ♥️” (K.,attending the Feminine Intuition Course)

I was humbled and delighted in Aleksandra’s workshop! Ya’ll know I’m not the hold-space-light-a-candle-crystalphallic-talking-stick-with-chakras kinda gal, but Thursday night was just what I needed. #cupfilling #dolllistening” (M., attending the Feminine Intuition Course)

I attended The HORO course with apprehension, worried that it was going to be another new age, women space that existed on a superficial level offering quasi support. Boy was I wrong! I was humbled and delighted by the depth and precision of Aleks’s guidance. The course enables its participants to explore and discover their identity through archetypes in a gentle and safe environment. This course is the perfect blend of intrigue, discovery, support and personal growth. I cannot more highly recommend it”. (M., mother, attending the Feminine Intuition Course)