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Spontaneity days

Today in a really really really long time I did nothing. I had actually planned for it 😂 but it sometimes takes planning to do nothing and it totally worked.

To be clear it was not really nothing… I guess by that I mean I relied on spontaneity…hmm what do I want to do now-type of nothing.

I had a quick coffee meeting with S (whose nothing was not in the cards, so these days a sneaky coffee is everything we can give to each other), then I went to a yin class which ended with the teacher playing on his guitar while we were i sivasana (spelling is dubious on that one) and something in me cracked open and a whole lot of juiciness flowed throughout my whole body filling it with aliveness. Well…hello there lower extremities! I’ve forgotten all about you since you fell asleep on the 15-hour flight last week…

I had my favorite açaí bowl while serendipitously reading “The body remembers”. Hope it remembers that I give it days like this one-especially when I completely forget about it and spend 14hours sitting, between slouching over my desk or sitting across a client, or driving and forgetting to do my daily neck stretches.

Hugging Kotko came naturally and he must have sensed my need for cat energy and slept ON my chest for a good hour! This is infinitely rare for his strict schedule of spending chest time only in the wee hours between 4 and 4.15 IN THE AM!!

I also played with 2 of my new toys, which thanks to the gorgeous green pixie shaman woman Amy, who I met in Colorado, are now part of my world.

This, again, is new for me. I know I know…there’s so much to unpack here-psychotherapy and the mystery of tarot, research and spirituality, the seriousness and the “non academic style”. Oh my Goddess! So much can be lost if we decide to sit in one realm and one realm only! So hello new modalities, new ancient friends that provide deep insight and language for things hard to be worded and not in systematic reviews and public health policies. Not yet!

I welcome you fully!

The Mother and the Eternal Child as my allies along my Heroine Journey were not a surprise but a great reminder about what moves me forward even on “nothing days”.

Do you schedule for Spontaneity days? Do you have favorite do-nothings? What does a good self-care day look like for you?

Can you afford to take a day or maybe half day off? Are you caring for a baby and this looks impossible at the moment? It surely did for me when S was little but I believe that if I had the chance to outsource help back then, even for a couple of hours, this would have been invaluable!

We have to adapt and adjust and work with what we’ve got. Selfcare is not a luxury but it is for sure a privilege that many cannot have so I do state my position as quite privileged in this way.

I can only hope we create a village that supports everyone’s spontaneity days!

With peace,


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