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On intuition and its retrieval

♥️On Intuition ♥️
This innate system that allows us to know, to truly KNOW! It’s our 6th sense that doesn’t fail us. It’s our best compass, inner wise Self.

It exists on very little and it needs some trust, fanning and care. Some breath!

Severed intuition does not work properly. It is an injured instinct that needs healing. It takes us astray. Away from consciousness…away from soulful relationships, love, meaningful career.

How often do you exercise listening to your Inner Intuitive Self? How do you know that you follow it?

One of my favorite fairytales is “Vasilisa, the Wise”. In my practice I have used this story over and over again, with so many women, and each one of them takes exactly what she needs from it.

The Powerful Transformational Force of the Archetype of Intuition and the Wise old woman works magic for Every.Single. Woman.

Are you ready to listen? Are you ready to do the work?

Aleksandra Staneva, PhD is a SoulWork Psychotherapist in private practice in Brisbane.


Image from the magestic Ivan Biblin

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