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On Online Therapy

💻 ONLINE CLIENT FEEDBACK: "It took me a bit of therapist speed dating to find Aleks and I’m so glad I did. Aleks has changed my life really; not by healing me but by teaching me to heal myself – through her academic knowledge, her ability to see and work with the Self/spirit/soul, and just… Continue reading On Online Therapy

Dreams, inner child, Mothering, research, therapy

Podcast: the Soul-Work of Mothering

Fancy that! I was on a podcast with Dr Sophie Brock - The Good Enough Mother, where we had the best chat about: • mothering as Soul Work • Mother Wound and the legacy trauma • Death Mother Complex • Dream analysis • Inner child work • Morning pages All things Feminine: the caring, wild… Continue reading Podcast: the Soul-Work of Mothering

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Dream Work

I started working with my Dreams in my early 20s - 2000-2001, when I began my Psychoanalytic training as part of my Psychology degree in Bulgaria. I remember the trepidation, self-awareness, and tingle with which we started each session. Those were group discussions on Classical Freudian Psychoanalytic Dream analysis. We gathered weekly for 2 years… Continue reading Dream Work

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On hibernation

Time to rest, time to hibernate. Not to die but to PAUSE, to acknowledge the cycle of LIFE-DEATH-LIFE. ⭕️ I have, just like all of you probably, been emotionally thrown to a million places: Grief, loss, fear, determination, care, deep connection, anxiety, calm, insights, aloneness, hope, overwhelm, patience, overdoing, impatience, anger, frustration, divination, denial, acceptance,… Continue reading On hibernation

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Womb studies

I first explored Raphael-Leff’s theory on Maternal styles (Regulators, Facilitators, Reciprocators, Conflicted) for my Masters thesis in Manchester Uni on Maternal Expectations vs Maternal Reality (and then I looked into the links between these styles and birth complications as part of my Doctorate). It was an exceptional journey of theory, practice and self discovery. I… Continue reading Womb studies

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On the power of Dreams

The night before my 39th birthday I had a particularly obfuscated Dream, filled with twists and turns, clutter, low vision, spikes and edges; it was over-populated with people, events... just a whole lot going on. As a started working on one aspect of the Dream, namely 'the birth of three babies of mine, in the… Continue reading On the power of Dreams

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reflections from Original Voice, Colorado, 2019

“Might as well be exactly who you are cos half of the world won’t like you anyway” Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Unapologetically. Exactly. Who you are. Original Voice training in the Colorado Mountains with the one and only Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes, in full autumn 🍂 🍁 where do I begin...? Pictured: Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés… Continue reading reflections from Original Voice, Colorado, 2019