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Sitting with the Discomfort

What a day...?! “Sitting with the discomfort” is not only a concept I work with my clients...it’s a state of mind that I constantly explore every day, and some days it’s right-in-my-face ...or whenever in my body it hits me. I sit, I breathe through it, I let it bubble up and watch from the… Continue reading Sitting with the Discomfort

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Motherhood is hard! Talking helps…

I have a million reasons why speaking up about your worries, concerns, fears and problems can be beneficial. When it comes to Motherhood though, I believe sharing the bad and the ugly, and the not-Insta perfect, can not only normalize your experience, but it can have a long-term and wide-reaching effect on who you become… Continue reading Motherhood is hard! Talking helps…

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The therapeutic power of fairy tales

I have been fascinated with storytelling, and more specifically fairy tales, not only for the rich and indirect teachings they offer to people across ages and cultures, but also for their gentle and visceral access to issues and inner dynamics that we normally do not engage with via our linear thinking. Fairy tales, long told… Continue reading The therapeutic power of fairy tales

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The Unspeakables: On mothers (not)talking about depression

In my previous post I opened the topic of the "perfect pregnancy" myth with the concept of Unspeakability, a favorite of mine and for many reasons. Here, I will delve further into it sharing my thoughts around a paper I recently published in the Journal of Feminism & Psychology. Although mothers tend to be particularly vocal… Continue reading The Unspeakables: On mothers (not)talking about depression

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On the problematic nature of Self-care for Mothers (reflecting on my experiences)

I always bookend posts, discussions and any advice-resembling conversations with the disclaimer that everyone is different. Everyone has different needs, at different times, and during different stages and transitions in life. Everyone has different levels of access to time and resources and I check in with a big P my massive privilege to have the… Continue reading On the problematic nature of Self-care for Mothers (reflecting on my experiences)

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Motherhood, uncensored (reminiscing on my 1st year of mothering, 2009)

Hi there. Below is my very fist blog post which contains rambles and quite unacademic (but fully lived) reflections on becoming a mother, fresh of the hospital. I wrote this about 9 years ago... I have to admit that mothering, the big M, transformed me in the most fundamental ways, not ever imaginable. It propelled… Continue reading Motherhood, uncensored (reminiscing on my 1st year of mothering, 2009)