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On Showing up

“I see you!” I love this simple phrase.

A powerful recognition of YOU!I see your eager eyes, your vibrant energy, your curiosity and your passions! Above all I see your need for connection. We all need to be seen, taken in, in all our glory and limitations. And embraced in that star dust of unconditional acceptance. I see you for exactly who you truly are. Without my own projections, or as much as I have worked through my own authenticity so that I can show up for YOU as you truly are.

Recently a publication circulating in social media caught my eye. It was all about ways you can appreciate your children while they are littlelies…I don’t remember much of the ‘tips’ provided but what stayed with me was the message around presence and PRESENCE that we can offer to each other, not only as parents but also to other humans and animals (and plants) as a form of deep appreciation for life. I believe the magic of providing this unconditional presence has a lot to do with moderation and the Buddhist idea of non-grasping. Because when we grasp and latch onto those parenting ideals we once again run the risk of losing the authenticity of those simple moments of genuine connection. The ones you cannot rehearse for! That’s where true magic happens!

I see this in my own parenting and I see it in the mothers and fathers I work alongside.

Dan Siegal, an incredibly inspiring researcher and practitioner in all matters of parenting from the attachment theory framework, offers the concept of parental Showing up. We can and should show up for our children (and others too) in a way that’s present, feels true and invites a calm and warm acceptance and communication with children of all ages. Beautiful work.

And then you go on and practice it daily..and when you F up, you repair and go on. Again and again! Cos parenting is all about showing up again and again for our children and for ourselves. #connection #patenting #motherhoodoutloud @ HORÓ Counselling – Holding the Woman through motherhood and beyond

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