Aleksandra Staneva, Phd Psychology; MRes Psychology; BA(Hons) Psychology

Certified IFS (Internal Family Systems) Practitioner Level 2

Doctor of Philosophy July  2016 The University of Queensland, School of Psychology, Australia (2012-2016)
Master of Research in Psychology Sept 2011 University of Manchester, School of Psychology, UK (2010-2011)
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Psychology Sept 2003 Sofia University, Department of Philosophy, Bulgaria (1999-2003)

Continuous Professional Training & Experiential Learning

The Journey Never Ends...

  • 2022/23

– 2022 IFS Institute Annual Conference “Expanding our Perspectives: Revitalizing Inner Resources” 3 day Intensive

– Compassionate Inquiry with Gabor Maté

– Somatic IFS with Susan McConnell

– Healing the Trauma that Surrounds Medical Syndromes – 2 day life IFS Masterclass with Dr Lisa Rankin and Dr Dick Schwartz

– “The knower in you: an animist approach to Dreamwork and exploration of Sophia” with Toko-pa Turner, Comox Valley CG Jung Society

– IFS, Internal Family Systems, L-2

  • 2020/2021

– Certification in IFS (Internal Family Systems) Therapy IFS Australia and New Zealand – Level 1

– Working with Complex Trauma through the Internal Family Systems model – Frank Anderson, MD

– Sexuality, Eroticism and Desire – Esther Perel

– Conscious Parenting, The awakened family with Dr Shefali

– Mother Wound, Depth Psychology

– Shadow work James Hollis, Jung Platform

– Shamanic Practices with Sandra Ingerman

  • 2019

– Original Voice, with Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes, in-house Intensive training, Denver, Colorado, USA

– Art as a Sacred Act, with Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes, in-house Intensive training,   Denver, Colorado, USA

– Dream Work (Jungian and Neo-Jungian approaches)

  • 2016/2018

 Vipassana Buddhism

– Gestalt-informed therapy practices

– Art Therapyinformed practices

  • 2012/2016

– Clinical guidelines on Perinatal Mental Health, Australia

– Doctoral Studies – Research into Maternal Mental Health, Ante- and Post-Natal Depression, Anxiety, Preterm birth, Ovarian Cancer, Youth Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol use, Digital Mental Health

– Dream analysis (Freudian approaches)

– Psychoanalytic Training, Personal analysis, Group Therapy

– Film and Psychoanalysis

Aleksandra Staneva, PhD