Motherhood Out Loud Sessions

Motherhood Out Loud is my approach to women-centered psychotherapy for mothers, expecting a baby or postnatally.

“In order for mothers to be able to mother, they need to feel mothered and cared for themselves” 


‘Motherhood out loud’ sessions offer psychotherapy and support in key areas of mothering:

  • Pregnancy & Pre-pregnancy planning
  • Dealing with Ambivalence
  • Traumatic birth, Abortion
  • Postnatal Depression, Anxiety, Distress
  • Maternal Guilt, Maternal Shame
  • Alternative family structures

Importantly, Motherhood out loud sessions allow for an honest, authentic, stigma and judgement-free discussion of what it means to be a mother for YOU!

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Bookings and information:

Session options are for both face-to-face Individual Counselling as well as Online Counselling.