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On Parts Work (IFS, Internal Family Systems)

When we incorporate Parts Work into our everyday language we can begin to see and experience challenges differently. Instead of: 🖤 “I am such an angry mother” try♥️ “A part of me is feeling very angry towards…”(and listen to all that Angry Part has to show you about your unmet needs) Instead of: 🖤”I feel… Continue reading On Parts Work (IFS, Internal Family Systems)

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On Soul work and the Feminine

I see a lot of women in my practice. Mothers on the verge.Transitioning into the unknown of motherhood, alone and unprepared. Or more so, unequipped and wrongly conditioned by a culture of intensive mothering, unattainable standards or push to ‘perform’ motherhood. Daughters filled with rage.Burning anger. Destructive anger.Creative anger. Boredom. Unhappiness. Trauma. Irritability. Disconnection. Loss… Continue reading On Soul work and the Feminine

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Perinatal mental health week – what I wish I knew back then…

Today we wrap up Perinatal Mental Health week here in Australia, and the recognition of the critical care that new mothers and families need during pregnancy and early motherhood. I would argue that this care needs to be stretched from before conception to late/teenage motherhood (the one I find myself in right now). However, let’s… Continue reading Perinatal mental health week – what I wish I knew back then…

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Podcast: the Soul-Work of Mothering

Fancy that! I was on a podcast with Dr Sophie Brock - The Good Enough Mother, where we had the best chat about: • mothering as Soul Work • Mother Wound and the legacy trauma • Death Mother Complex • Dream analysis • Inner child work • Morning pages All things Feminine: the caring, wild… Continue reading Podcast: the Soul-Work of Mothering

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Defenses against early abandonment

All of us, but certainly in different degrees, have abandoned parts. Abandoned inner parts which have been ignored, rejected or abused when we we little.Children though come up with the most ingenious defenses against abandonment, which are usually deeply unconscious. 🖤 Denial - a common one. This never happened to me. Life was awesome. I… Continue reading Defenses against early abandonment

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Dream Work

I started working with my Dreams in my early 20s - 2000-2001, when I began my Psychoanalytic training as part of my Psychology degree in Bulgaria. I remember the trepidation, self-awareness, and tingle with which we started each session. Those were group discussions on Classical Freudian Psychoanalytic Dream analysis. We gathered weekly for 2 years… Continue reading Dream Work