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On Online Therapy

💻 ONLINE CLIENT FEEDBACK: "It took me a bit of therapist speed dating to find Aleks and I’m so glad I did. Aleks has changed my life really; not by healing me but by teaching me to heal myself – through her academic knowledge, her ability to see and work with the Self/spirit/soul, and just… Continue reading On Online Therapy

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Humming, chanting, gargling – state of social engagement and Polyvagal theory

Just finished Stanley Rosenberg's book Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve, super accessible and packed with practical and soooo very applicable advice on assessing the state of mine and clients’ vagus nerve (cranial nerves linked to major functions of the parasympathetic-or rest and digest-nervous system) before and after psychotherapy sessions. In order to… Continue reading Humming, chanting, gargling – state of social engagement and Polyvagal theory

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Spontaneity days

Today in a really really really long time I did nothing. I had actually planned for it 😂 but it sometimes takes planning to do nothing and it totally worked. To be clear it was not really nothing... I guess by that I mean I relied on spontaneity...hmm what do I want to do now-type… Continue reading Spontaneity days