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Online ‘Inner Child’ Masterclass

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood” Gabor Maté
This is a 3-hour Workshop that explores our Inner World, attachment wounds, and offers a compassionate insight into our past.

•Inner Child
•Neglect and Abandonment
•Selfcare and healing

Join me in exploring a beautiful Inuit fairytale through therapeutic storytelling, authentic connection, and safe sharing.


Aleksandra Staneva, PhD is a Bulgarian woman, a mother and a psychotherapist. She holds a Doctorate in Psychology, specializing in Maternal Mental Health (BA and Masters in Psychology).

Aleksandra trained with author and psychoanalyst Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Her approach is grounded in Depth and Analytical Psychology, Internal Family systems, Compassionate Inquiry with Dr Gabor Maté, and Dream analysis; She is particularly interested in working with hard to reach aspects, such as Inner Child and exiled parts of human’s psyche.

Aleks is passionate about story-telling and the power of re-writing our own stories. She supports women and mothers, struggling with distress.

Aleksandra is an author of numerous academic publications in Psychology, Feminism, Midwifery and Health, book chapters in Mothering studies, and a series of children’s books on understanding and normalizing mental illness.

She uses psychoanalytic, art, gestalt- and mythological-informed approaches to work.


This is an Intimate Circle setting. All genders are welcome.

Location: Online (Zoom link to be sent)

When: Sunday, April, 24 2022 (Australian Eastern Time) 5pm-8pm

Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra – 5-8pm
United Kingdom – 24 April (Sunday) 8-11am


This event is aimed at exploring The Archetypal force of the Inner Child, and the Inner Mother. It touches upon childhood experiences or past trauma can be transformed into our greatest power. Rewriting our own story of abandonment and creating our own Inner Mother can be incredibly therapeutic.

DISCLAIMER*Please note, if you are currently experiencing great levels of distress, PTSD and serious trauma this workshop might be triggering for you. It might be best to seek help first.

We will:
Explore the age old psychic mapping of your soul through Fairy Tales
Learn about the role of Archetypes in your life
Experience a deep sense of healing and wellness
Provide some nurturing to your wounded Inner child
Enliven some hidden or silenced creative parts of your soul

Join me in dropping down to your authentic nature, awakening and activating a softer, more intuitive, sensorial and responsive self, while being held and supported by other women in our “Horo” (a women’s open circle).

Work with me while supported in a genuine, accepting and judgement-free space. Facilitate an inner approach to leading a spiritually connected life.


Total cost is AUD $140 paid at booking.

Aleksandra Staneva
BSB: 064210
AN: 10220897

For international attendees:
PayPal – to email: shrinkalex@gmail.com

Please send an email right after booking/payment to

I will send a personal Zoom link to the address from which you contact me.

Please note – No recording will be sent after the event due to the sensitive nature of such sharing spaces. You need to be there and attend in order to experience this event fully.
Please choose wisely no cancellations are accepted for this event. Only a booking will allow you to enter the Zoom session.

“There is no growth without real feeling. Children not loved for who they are do not learn how to love themselves. Their growth is an exercise in pleasing others, not in expanding through experience. As adults, they must learn to nurture their own lost child.”

~ Marion Woodman, Coming Home to Myself: Reflections for Nurturing a Woman’s Body and Soul

Art by Lucy Campbell

“Inner child Masterclass” offers you an intuitive, compassionate and soft entry into Reparenting your inner child, through:

🦋 Fairytales
🦋 Archetypal work
🦋 Expression and art
🦋 Sharing and connection

April 24, 5-8pm AEST, Online

📧 horoforwomen@gmail.com


More about Aleksandra: http://www.aleksandrastaneva.com

See you in the Zoom NEST!

With love,

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