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On mornings with mySelf

I don’t know how you love to spend your early mornings but I am going to share my routine of wellness which has supported me from early motherhood through mothering an almost 12-year old. Although many ways of doing and being have changed since then, and everything is logistically easier, my mental space is equally… Continue reading On mornings with mySelf

About me, Lists, lived experiences, Mothering, Self-care, therapy

Sitting with the Discomfort

What a day...?! “Sitting with the discomfort” is not only a concept I work with my clients...it’s a state of mind that I constantly explore every day, and some days it’s right-in-my-face ...or whenever in my body it hits me. I sit, I breathe through it, I let it bubble up and watch from the… Continue reading Sitting with the Discomfort

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Perfect Pregnant Woman, deconstructed

One of my favorite academic publications, that came out of my doctoral studies on women who experience psychological distress during their pregnancy, is the one on "Unspeakability". This is a concept which highlights the inability for women to "speak" directly about their distress or about anything dark, depressive, problematic, scary or non-perfect in relation to… Continue reading Perfect Pregnant Woman, deconstructed