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reflections from Original Voice, Colorado, 2019

“Might as well be exactly who you are cos half of the world won’t like you anyway” Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

Unapologetically. Exactly. Who you are.

Original Voice training in the Colorado Mountains with the one and only Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes, in full autumn 🍂 🍁 where do I begin…?

Pictured: Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Intense days and nights filled with dreams and half-asleep jetlagged state of haze. As I go over my notes from the last two days it is hard to consolidate anything. We have been buzzing with ideas and discussions about it all – from motherhood, to social activism, global approaches to resolving complex trauma to dream analysis of vulvas, genitalia and an imagined world where this is not a taboo topic. Weaving in stories, fairytales, mythology, history, religion, art, psychoanalysis, theology, quantum physics…

Through laughter and tears, I find myself in my cozy little room at the Sunrise Ranch at 4am grasping…wide-eyed, asking about a thousand questions and at the same time sitting with one huge emotion in my chest.

Impossible to process all the learning and trying to stay with the swirl of this whole experience. It will take months and years for the teachings to sink in…some will stay forever as I already feel the pang, the transformation deep in my bones. Others, I will have to attend when I am ready…

Walks in nature and meeting inspiring women from all over the world who have gathered to sit together in the presence of wisdom, creativity and fierce femininity is so deeply nurturing.

Although I know that I don’t need to travel half the world to come to these realizations, to dig deep into what it means to live, work, relate and help others (as much as myself) from a place of my own Original Voice, I am moved and re-inspired and very very hopeful about the state of the world, and about my own little state of Self.

Yes, it does start with each of our own little selves to put in the time and wander…

It’s down to us to engage in conversations about global politics as much as about our naked bodies. Practicing social activism that works as much as practicing forgiveness and speaking with a loud, poetic loving and passionate voice just like Dr Martin Luther King!

So Say it anyway! Speak up even when your voice is shaking! Bring it out with love. But above all be unapologetically you!

Well… these are my lessons in here anyway. I hope and I know they will speak to some of you!

Big love from the mountain 🏔 off to meet the sun on the hills!

Pictured: snow on top – Bear Lake, Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA ❤️

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Aleksandra Staneva, PhD is a Psychotherapist in Private Practice in Brisbane, Australia. She counsels women from all over the world both Online and In person and offers Jungian-informed events.

Aleksandra is IFS-certified.

📧 horoforwomen@gmail.com

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