The essence of emotional holding

People ask me how I work. The easy answer is that I hold.

I hold space. I hold tight. Her Resistance. Her intense polarization. The pull between extremes. Her Ambivalence. Her Deep longing. Her Trauma. Her “I wish she loved me more”. Her “How can I ever forgive?” Her “I am ready!”. Her laughter, her passion, her SHAME, her ANGUISH, her LOSS, her GRIEF.

The way I hold myself. The way my grandma held me. The way the Great Mother holds me.

I morph into HER STORY.

So tell me, What happened, dear one? Tell me… and we begin.

And I sit, I wait, I embrace her suffering. I carry hope. I offer alternatives. I challenge. I dig. Deeper. And even deeper after that.

But most of all I help the RE-MEMBERING, the RE-MENDING of her SOUL.

Because you know what – SHE has all the answers.

HORÓ Counselling is story-based, non-structured, feminine-infused, tear-soaked, spiral, rhythmic, meaningful, grounding, non-invasive, non-manualized because SHE is the manual. We step into the SACRED SPACE TOGETHER and feed off the golden nectar of magic and wholesomeness.

The practice is growing but I still take new clients.
I am here for you when you are ready to step into yourSELF.


With love,


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