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I offer Women Circles and Workshops, as well as Psycho-educational events on a regular basis.

The best way to follow my work is via social media (Facebook and Instagram).

Next Upcoming Workshop:

All the mothers that YOU are~ Online Women Circle ⭕️ 14 August 5.30pm AEST

Voicing for Self-Compassion ~ 5 August 22, 5.307pm Annerley

👧🏻INNER CHILD WORKSHOP 👧🏻Want to know a little secret?🤫 Something that is so simple and that once we all understand, we will wonder why we didn’t think of it earlier…


In order to grow a caring, loving and present INNER MOTHER, we have to be willing to be GOOD, CARING, LOVING and decent to OURSELVES. 

I will use the archetypal powers of:
🧡storytelling, the wisdom of fairytales and unpacking their hidden messages 
🧡expressive techniques
🧡connection and body awareness 🧡 art as a form of therapeutic expression 
🧡and some of my best healing potions


Tree of life pic

Self-care for mums

Inner child

WOMEN DREAM CIRCLE IS NOW SOLD OUT! Keep an eye on another one coming early November. THANK YOU! Aleksandra


DISCLAIMER* Please note, if you are currently experiencing great levels of distress, PTSD and serious trauma this course might be triggering for you. It might be best to seek help first. You are your best compass, make a decision from your belly, heart and mind and see if you are ready to commit to this intense work.

NOTE. In case of COVID restrictions or lockdowns, all events will be moved to Zoom online platform.


Aleksandra Staneva is a Bulgarian woman, a mother, a psychotherapist, and a citizen of the world. She holds a Doctorate in Psychology, specializing in Maternal Mental Health (BA and Masters in Psychology). Aleks is passionate about story-telling, dream work, and the power of re-writing our own stories. She supports women and mothers, struggling with distress. Aleksandra is an author of numerous academic publications in Psychology, Feminism, Midwifery and Health, book chapters in Mothering studies, and a series of children’s books on understanding and normalizing mental illness. She uses psychoanalytic, art, gestalt- and mythological-informed approaches to work.
Aleksandra is training with Jungian Analyst and Depth Psychology keeper of the old ways, cantadora Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes, who has deeply influenced and transformed the lives of women across the world with her approaches to storytelling, archetypal work, myths and embodied connection.

♥♥♥♥♥♥Feedback from previous workshops participants ♥♥♥♥♥♥

“Highly recommend Aleks! The 5 week dreamwork course that I completed was magical, informative and insightful. Aleks is warm, generous, and welcoming. She truly and genuinely cares about people and is invested in bringing out the best in others in a safe and non-judgemental way.” (Libby Smith, a mother of 2 and Perinatal Worker, DreamWork Women Circle).

“Having just completed this workshop, I’d highly recommend it – it is being held again next month. In it I learned lots about dream analysis and integration within a Jungian framework, as well as connecting with the subconscious and intuitive sides of us. If you’ve ever thought about delving deeper into the topic of dreams, this is for you. ” (V.F., a mother of 2, DreamWork Women Circle)

“A big, generous & heartfelt thanks for having me in your w’shop yesterday, your intuitive facilitation was super impressive & provided a safe & nurturing space for me to explore & express ❤️ I loved connecting to the magical, creative & sparkly aspect of myself & life….all thanks to your beautiful ability to hold a secure energetic container. So grateful 🌺 💜💚❤️ (S., attending ‘Meet your Inner Child’ workshop)”

““Friends! I just finished this beautiful course and because Aleks is so brilliant at what she does, there is more to come!! This was a little out of my comfort zone initially, but I’ve got to say that I absolutely loved it, and I’m sure [partner’s name omitted for privacy]….and maybe also mum, and dad, and [friend’s name, and friend’s name] and Bro…are sick of me starting my conversations with “so at women’s circle this week…” As a group we explored fairy tales and poetry, weaved through some psychoanalytic theory, and learnt about archetypes, to talk about intuition, motherhood, and our lives as (wild) women. We cooked up a little creativity and inspiration, a lot of magic, and rose tea, plus I met some really cool chickas along the way. Lots of claps for Aleks. Can not recommend enough 💕💕💕 (S., a new mum and a Clinical Psychologist, Feminine Intuition Course)

“I was assisting artist tonight with the most wonderful, most knowledgeable, Dr Aleksandra Staneva. I got to listen to her read Clarissa Pinkola Estes retelling of Vasilisa the Wise and it was like revisiting my old friends; Vasilisa, Baba Yaga, her Chicken Legged Hut, and of course, her Little Doll. I am so energised by Aleks’ approach and am most happy to have met the circle of women who have come along for the journey! I cant wait til week 5 when I lead the circle in making our own Little Doll talisman.” (Lara, Brisbane artist, attending Feminine Intuition workshop)

“Aleks is a walking warm light” (R., a new mother attending Individual Counselling)

“I just did this course and it was hands down brilliant. Totally not usually my cup-of-tea, but it explores Carl Jung archetypes and other means of exploring identity and intuition. The facilitator is fantastic and really good and moving the course at pace without depriving anyone of self-exploration and discovery. Check it out!” (M., mother and lawyer, attending the Feminine Intuition Course)

“I can’t even express how much this group has changed my life for good” (I.,a child educator, attending the Feminine Intuition Course)

Contact and more information at: horoforwomen@gmail.com
More about Aleksandra: www.aleksandrastaneva.com



1-day INNER CHILD Workshop

27 Sept 2

During this Workshop will use the power of Archetypes of the Inner Mother and the Inner Child to access some deeper and unexplored aspects of our psyche.

We will use fairy tales, and more specifically their function to transform, shock, educate and ignite inner transformation.

The way we have been mothered as women affects us deeply, but all MotherWounds can be worked with creatively.

Bookings horoforwomen@gmail.com

27 Sept course (Facebook event page)

9.30-2.30 in HORO Studio


5 -weeks Feminine Intuition Workshop

Reviving the neglected parts of our psyche through story-telling and art.

June-July 2019 course (finished)

August-September 2019 course (bookings now open here)

Bookings horoforwomen@gmail.com