HORÓ Counselling


Some background that might help you decide whether we are a good fit. A good fit matters quite a lot in psychotherapy. So trust your gut, mind and heart when you are choosing a therapist.

HORÓ Counselling comes from HORÓ, a Bulgarian word for circle dance, which I am using to represent “a metaphoric open women circle” for genuine connection, support and healing.

I am a Mother of a now teen boy. He was born in the USA where my husband and I lived for 7 years.


We all moved to Brisbane, Australia 10 years ago, as I was offered an amazing scholarship at UQ where I explored and developed a holistic approach to Maternal Mental Health as part of my Doctorate at the School of Psychology.

I have been studying, training, working and engaging in Psychology since 1999, and I love adding and mastering my Skillset into something I now call SOUL WORK.

I am an Academic – a researcher in Perinatal Mental Health, specialized in Anxiety, Depression and Distress related to Motherhood. I publish regularly in scientific journals as I believe fully in the need for a solid evidence base when working with people.


I am a also a Psychotherapist where I get to APPLY all this body of knowledge. I finally opened my own little nest of magic, in Brisbane (Annerley), Australia where I provide support to:

Mothers •  “Motherhood out loud” sessions• from preconception, through pregnancy, birth and motherhood

Women • “StoryWise” sessions• for those of us who feel like they would like to live a more integrated, whole, and soulful life.


1 studio


I lead women’s groups that explore various concepts around human connection, what it means to be a 21 century woman, and a mother through art, fairy-tales and archetypal work.

My work approach is informed by:
💗Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
💗Depth and Jungian Psychology
💗Archetypal work
💗Dream work
💗Gestalt therapy
💗Internal Family Systems (IFS)
💗Expressive therapy
💗Storytelling and Narrative Practices
💗Buddhist approaches to Therapy
💗Mind-body connection
💗Relational/attachment trauma

But most importantly, my approach is informed by 💗💗💗YOU💗💗💗

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I am offering both Individual Counselling and I put together women groups, on self-care, feminine intuition, inner child, dream analysis, and so much more.

I write books (for children and story-tales for grown ups) because I fully believe that stories carry an enormous transformative power!


“Stories are medicine” (Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women who run with the wolves)

I am training with Jungian Analyst and Depth Psychology keeper of the old ways, cantadora Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes, who has deeply influenced and transformed the lives of women across the world with her approaches to storytelling, archetypal work, myths and embodied connection.

I explore human connection, maternal mental issues (ante- and post-natal depression), feminism for boys and girls, fatherhood, gender diverse families and alternative approaches to health and healing.

Both my work and life are grounded in feminism and social activism to progress environmental, anti-stigma and awareness-raising causes.

Welcome, once again! I am so glad you connected 🥰
Get in touch if any of my modalities are of interest, and if you are keen to dive deeper into your Soul.
web: aleksandrastaneva.com
e-mail: horoforwomen@gmail.com