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Befriending Anger

A frequent friend that visits my Counselling practice is Anger. It is always unwelcome, feared, dreaded, or exiled. And of course Anger does not appreciate its closeted state. It rumbles and tumbles. It scratches and escapes at the most unexpected situations. It can be explosive, hurtful and dangerous, especially to more vulnerable parts of ourselves, and others – who depend on us. Mothers carry that fear deeply and intensely. This fear is key when we get to know more and more about our own definition of Anger.

It has so much to say.
About needs.


Unspoken truths.

Pain and hurt, especially acquired during those early days of childhood, when all it needed was someone to hear it out, sit with it, touch it, PAUSE, and teach it what to do, how to express itself in a friendly, constructive way and to stay healthy and at hand.

Not buried or exiled.

Getting to know Anger is never too late. Developing a solid relationship with it is a necessity and a basis for good mental health.

Not only in motherhood but also in life.
Oh, but taming it and making BFFs with it, especially when it comes to motherhood, is a must!

With love and roar,

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