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On mornings with mySelf

I don’t know how you love to spend your early mornings but I am going to share my routine of wellness which has supported me from early motherhood through mothering an almost 12-year old.

Although many ways of doing and being have changed since then, and everything is logistically easier, my mental space is equally full of mothering-focused tasks.

This never stops.

But what changes is the ability to make more space and room and acceptance of what it is, and sitting better with the discomfort of the what I wished reality was like…

Meditation is not only a practice to support you cope. And I do have huge reservations about how it has been commodified and commercialized, stripped down to a 10min routine practice, lacking the fundamentals- knowledge about its history and its basic premises. So I won’t go into this. But I do meditate almost daily. Most days before getting up.

I get up very very early. This habit, I see as a definite plus and a gift from Motherhood. I was always and early riser though. But early meant 8.30-9 am back then. It means 4.30-5 in summer days and 5.30-6 on darker mornings now.

I try to get up with the sun or even slightly before it so that I can enjoy the sunrise, which in Australia is pure divinity! Have you tried basking in the morning sun? I experience it as a face wash… and I fill up with energy. I usually have a coffee ready in my hand and I just sit on my terrace in silence… I try and get in touch with all my senses.

•smell of my coffee

•the hot cup and my fingers embracing the smooth warm porcelain

•the warmth of the sun that sometimes waters my eyes and I let my tears slowly pass down my checks fully feeling the tickling sensations

•the dance of rainbow of color when the sun seeps through the trees in front of me

•the shriek of magpies and all sorts of birdsong saluting the sun in ecstasy

•the beating of my own heart opening to a new day 💚

Then I write! I have been doing Morning pages since 2016 (hit me up with a PM and I will let know you what these are). But essentially it is a free stream writing…I love it!

I also spend some time with my Dreams. I have a Dream Journal and I am systematically engaging with it.

The Psyche thrives of being tended to, just like everything we would like to see take life, sprout and flourish!

Dream work is everything to me! It’s an endless supply for creativity, for setting my life in balance and being in contact with my own Self.

And then I read! I have different phases of how I go about it…sometimes I have a whole season dedicated to learning and mastering a new skill. I am always hungry for enrichment and for taking good care of my growing toolkit of healing modalities.

I investigate, poke, search (I am a researcher after all) and become quite resourceful when something spikes my interest.

The last few months (since last August last year) I have dedicated on TRAUMA. Not the trauma approaches we cover in University or during training and supervision. But unique and primal ways of working with it.

We all have various levels of trauma and it’s fascinating to explore all the ways in which we protect, defense and shelter against it.

Healing is a journey of a lifetime. But it is so possible! It requires courage. And it cannot be done alone.

Gretchen Schmelzer’s work is exploring relational or repeated trauma and how we access those places of resistance within. I absolutely love her approach!

And then my son comes downstairs. Soft and warm and supple. And I know that when my cup is full I can pour endlessly from it. We hug on the couch for a good 10 min and we just BE with each other. As much as I love my early morning time THAT quiet embrace is EVERYTHING!



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