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The Unspeakables is in “The Maternal Tug: Ambivalence, Identity, and Agency” Demeter press (chapter 4)

Thrilled to be part of this ontology on Maternal Ambivalence, only my favorite topic when it comes to Mothering!

The Maternal Tug: Ambivalence, Identity, and Agency

Out Feb 3 2020 by Demeter press, Canada.


“Absorbing, poignant and profound. This collection begs us to
de-mythologize, de-romantizie and confront with courage the full
complexity of what it means to mother. This is philosophy as aletheia–
pulling back the veil– and what we see may change philosophies of
mothering forever.”– Caroline R. Lundquist
Ethics Instructor, University of Oregon

Antidote to romanticizing motherhood, this book shows clearly and in detail why motherhood is an activity fraught with ambivalence, some inherent, much socially constructed. As such, this volume makes a significant contribution to feminist theory and maternity studies, detailing the nature and sources of maternal ambivalence, and showing why raising children raises deep existentialist dilemmas for mothering persons. — Maureen Sander-Staudt
Southwest Minnesota State University
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Women’s Studies

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