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Dream Work

I started working with my Dreams in my early 20s - 2000-2001, when I began my Psychoanalytic training as part of my Psychology degree in Bulgaria. I remember the trepidation, self-awareness, and tingle with which we started each session. Those were group discussions on Classical Freudian Psychoanalytic Dream analysis. We gathered weekly for 2 years… Continue reading Dream Work

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On intuition and its retrieval

♥️On Intuition ♥️This innate system that allows us to know, to truly KNOW! It’s our 6th sense that doesn’t fail us. It’s our best compass, inner wise Self. It exists on very little and it needs some trust, fanning and care. Some breath! Severed intuition does not work properly. It is an injured instinct that… Continue reading On intuition and its retrieval

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reflections from Original Voice, Colorado, 2019

“Might as well be exactly who you are cos half of the world won’t like you anyway” Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Unapologetically. Exactly. Who you are. Original Voice training in the Colorado Mountains with the one and only Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes, in full autumn 🍂 🍁 where do I begin...? Intense days and nights filled… Continue reading reflections from Original Voice, Colorado, 2019

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The therapeutic power of fairy tales

I have been fascinated with storytelling, and more specifically fairy tales, not only for the rich and indirect teachings they offer to people across ages and cultures, but also for their gentle and visceral access to issues and inner dynamics that we normally do not engage with via our linear thinking. Fairy tales, long told… Continue reading The therapeutic power of fairy tales