Let’s talk hormones

Let’s talk hormones during the critical times for women: • post partum • menopause • pre-menstrual You don’t hear me go about these too much and there are reasons for this, some of them: ✔️Women’s mental health has been historically labeled and dismissed as “hormonal” and “hysteric”✔️Postnatal depression has been overwhelmingly researched through the Biomedical… Continue reading Let’s talk hormones

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Podcast: the Soul-Work of Mothering

Fancy that! I was on a podcast with Dr Sophie Brock - The Good Enough Mother, where we had the best chat about: • mothering as Soul Work • Mother Wound and the legacy trauma • Death Mother Complex • Dream analysis • Inner child work • Morning pages All things Feminine: the caring, wild… Continue reading Podcast: the Soul-Work of Mothering

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Parenting during a Pandemic

As part of my research work at Peach Tree Perinatal Wellness 🍑🧡 I have been investigating the impact of COVID-19 on mothers. I got to speak with some Super Women whose stories of incredible resourcefulness while on the brink of mental collapse were just do I put it - otherworldly! Pregnancy, birthing and early… Continue reading Parenting during a Pandemic