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On Soul work and the Feminine

I see a lot of women in my practice. Mothers on the verge.Transitioning into the unknown of motherhood, alone and unprepared. Or more so, unequipped and wrongly conditioned by a culture of intensive mothering, unattainable standards or push to ‘perform’ motherhood. Daughters filled with rage.Burning anger. Destructive anger.Creative anger. Boredom. Unhappiness. Trauma. Irritability. Disconnection. Loss… Continue reading On Soul work and the Feminine

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On intuition and its retrieval

♥️On Intuition ♥️This innate system that allows us to know, to truly KNOW! It’s our 6th sense that doesn’t fail us. It’s our best compass, inner wise Self. It exists on very little and it needs some trust, fanning and care. Some breath! Severed intuition does not work properly. It is an injured instinct that… Continue reading On intuition and its retrieval

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On cultivating a Forgiving Heart

💔What does Forgiveness look like for you?💔 Cultivating a forgiving heart is surely an endless, slow, deep-reaching and highly transformative process. Sitting with, facing, working with and embracing trauma is hard. Healing is a cyclic process. Transformation can happen suddenly, in a highly insightful moment, and also, and much more often, as a result of… Continue reading On cultivating a Forgiving Heart