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B!tch hour for mothers!

Ever felt like there is so much of your Motherhood experience that you wanted to share about yet you never felt safe to do so?!!

Always censoring yourself? Always bookending your experience with … “oh but I love it so much”

There are tons of reasons why we dread going there in the thick of it… The hardship, the loss of identity, of our bodies, sense of self, home, relationships, careers…the Challenges of being a mother are continuously silenced, muted and … for lots of us – simply denied!

Yet spaces for safe sharing are sooooooo necessary!

Join me in a feminist mother-centered self-affirming mother’s online circle for some proper B*tching about the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Motherhood!!!

And guess what? There’s some super cool research supporting the needs and benefits of such practices.

I will facilitate this and guide you through some healing practices.

Guided by Aleksandra Staneva, PhD in Perinatal Mental Health; a psychotherapist who works primarily with women and mothers and a Researcher in Motherhood.

This event is ONLINE and FREE but you need to book your spot by contacting me, Aleks, at

22 February 22 at 4pm AEST time.

I will send you a Zoom link. Please invite others but do NOT share your link. This space is safe, private and it is my priority to keep it that way.

With love and a proper dose of mother’s rage,

Event link in comments.

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