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So have you heard of IFS yet?

✨✨✨Celebrating the BIG and SMALL victories! And this one feels huge!
HORÓ Counselling has added a powerful tool to her (mine, that’s a bit weird) treasure chest of magic!

In the last year and a half I have been training, and mastering my craft of healing, care, support, transformation and magic ✨

It has been very challenging to do! Especially within an already extremely busy life! But also when I was pulled into constantly looking into my own trauma. Not just looking. Staring. Sitting with. Examining. Dialoguing with. Witnessing. Unburdening. Updating. Changing…Holding with absolute trust and compassion. Accepting. Growing from.

This makes this a BIG and even sweeter victory!

IFS or Parts Work is a model of psychotherapy that is:
✨Uniquely experiential
✨Deeply transformative
✨Attachment-trauma oriented
✨Shame, neglect and dissociation-relieving
✨Gentle yet bold and effective

It supports ALL people, ALL conditions, and ALL contexts.

HORÓ Counselling is almost at FULL CAPACITY for new clients.
If this Soulful approach alongside my toolbox 🧰 of training modalities in psychotherapy (which I have been passionately filling up since 1999) is something that pulls your heart, get in touch and book a session (in person or Online) at


With love,

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