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On Online Therapy

💻 ONLINE CLIENT FEEDBACK: “It took me a bit of therapist speed dating to find Aleks and I’m so glad I did.

Aleks has changed my life really; not by healing me but by teaching me to heal myself – through her academic knowledge, her ability to see and work with the Self/spirit/soul, and just her own life experience and relatability.

She truly has a unique approach and ability to get to the core of you and your story really quickly. She gets it, she gets you.
She holds you, supports you, and seems to know the exactly right moment to push and challenge you too.

It’s hard for me to envisage an end to our work together because she’s more than a therapist and counsellor, Aleks is a born guide and a teacher. The longer we work together, the more I find a path back to myself. I couldn’t recommend her more.” (D. 32, United Kingdom, Online Individual Counselling)

HORÓ Counselling is running a SPECIAL OFFER for new Online Clients! 5 one-hour Online sessions for $550
Get in touch via horoforwomen@gmail.com

💻ONLINE THERAPY is now evidenced as equally effective as face-to-face. Seeing a therapist online has some added benefits as well:
~ Comfort of your bed, office, living room or the closet
~ Saves time and has far less logistics
~ Accessible from anywhere
~ For some complex trauma clients, Online sessions have been further encouraging and supportive due to their non-invasive mode
~ Greater resourcefulness
~ For the therapy-hesitant individuals Online sessions have been highly preferred
~ Added effectiveness for Anxiety
~ In the area of Perinatal Mental Health – you can have your therapist during labor, right after birth or in between feeds, which has been highly beneficial for new parents
~ Practicing from your home allows for immediate application of new strategies at the time of therapy
~ No travel restrictions

Snuggle with a cuppa in your favorite pair of pants (which are also by the way – optional) and I will see you on the other end of the screen!

With love,

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