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IFS Healing Circle for Women (new dates added Brisbane, Australia; Oct-Nov, 2023)

My next offering is a big one! I have secretly been cooking it since the beginning of the pandemic. Yet, I feel as ready as I can, to birth it, so here it is:

Please join me for one of a kind 7-week Healing Circle for Women grounded in these deeply nourishing therapeutic modalities:

~ IFS (Internal Family Systems) Parts work;

~ Psychodrama;

~ Polyvagal theory (vagus nerve work);

~ Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry;

~ Self-Compassionate approaches to healing;

~ Chakra energetic work

We heal in communities!

As much as we need our own individual work and sitting with our own trauma, story, and experiences…what happens in a group can have an amplified effect on our healing – where a true social microcosm plays out and we actually have the chance to press the pause button and see, elicit, explore and heal the burdens of interpersonal relationships.

Your facilitator, Aleksandra Staneva, PhD, a Counsellor in private practice, is trained in IFS (level 2) and in Compassionate Inquiry. She will hold a safe and steady container for your unfolding, connection to your SELF, and to your blossoming! Like a flower in a field…rather than in its own private garden.

I am inviting you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace deep healing in the safety of other like-minded women, and leave MORE YOURSELF after 7 weeks. 

Whether you have no idea what IFS and Parts work is, or whether you have an in-depth relationship with all of your parts, or if you are a mental health practitioner who is open to learning about the model but mostly about your own parts – this training will be beneficial for you! 


We gather in person at HORO Counselling in Annerley (Meanjin, Brisbane, Australia)

MONDAYS from Jan 30th. 2023 until 13th of March, 2023

5.30pm – 7 pm AEST

October 9; October 16; October 23; October 30; November 6; November 13

SPECIAL DETAILS about each week will be sent privately to each registered participant.


A total of $500 AUD paid at booking for all 7 circles (making each 90 mins session cost a little over $70)

A Payment plan is also an option and can be put together before the start.

Participants need to sign a contract that includes a commitment to the 7 circles; paying their bill even if they can’t make it, and abiding to the group’s intention, goals and safety rules.

IMPORTANT: This event is offered to up to 8 women to ensure individual participation and time is offered to each person.
A minimum of 6 people is necessary for this training to begin.

DISCLAIMER*Please note, if you are currently experiencing great levels of distress, PTSD and serious trauma this workshop might be triggering for you. It might be best to seek help first.

Contact and more information at: horoforwomen@gmail.com
More about Aleksandra: www.aleksandrastaneva.com

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