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Loneliness & Moments of connection

Studies, prior to the pandemic and its peak of loneliness and isolation, have warned us about the detrimental effects of loneliness on our mind and our bodies.

Social isolation and loneliness increase our risk of heart attack, stroke, disrupted sleep, altered immune system, higher inflammation and greatly increased stress hormones.

When it comes to our mental health the price of loneliness we pay is equally high. Depression, anxiety, marriage problems, and a stuckness around our inability to process stress or problem solve.

There’s no need to state the obvious here that after two and a half years of disconnect humanity has found itself in the grips of a dramatic health decline, not counting the impact of Covid.

Enter the vagus nerve! And in particular, the vagus’s nerve ability to boost an upward spiral that allows us to thrive. Moments of micro-connecting, tiny boosts of our heart , that need to happen in person have an overwhelmingly strong effect on our wellbeing and reset the domino effect of improving our health.

Person to person moments of a smile, contact, positive exchange, touch, conversation, safety… washes our system with hormones impacting our heart function, nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

Next time you get your coffee, pay for your groceries (ideally at the markets and not at the automated counters), hold the door for someone, help a mum with her stroller, don’t shy away from allowing your face to smile, to exchange a few words of kindness and appreciation. It will pay off in big ways.

Meet with your friends, schedule regular coffees or a quick lunch with someone you enjoy, go dancing, attend safe spaces like a women Circle.

The next women gathering at the HORÓ nest will focus on just that. Explore safely, connect with your body, share, sing, cry, shake, drum, receive sound… and bathe in the wellness of connection.

9 September | 5.30-7pm | Annerley

Spots are limited and always sell our.

Get in touch: horoforwomen@gmail.com

With love,


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