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On rituals

I have been digging deep into Ritual work and gathering more and more evidence on the profound role ritual plays in our lives.

Ritual is any gesture done with intention and with emotion.

And the effects, when ritual is done from the heart and is well contained and held by a trusted and safe other, are innumerable.

💫the connection
💫the quieting of mind and heart
💫the Naming of pain and trauma
💫the opportunity to grieve it
💫the new insights
💫the embodied presence
💫the felt sense
💫the process of transformation
💫the slowing down
💫the genuine look into ourselves
💫the deep listening
💫the experience of being listed to, heard and understood
💫the expansion of heart and soul
💫the release
💫the satisfaction that comes from sitting and sharing with like-minded women


Ritual is a form of direct knowing, something so natural to the soul. A deep remembrance.

Ritual is the original art form, weaving the personal and the collective that supports a process of connection with a much Larger and Unseen world.

As Joseph Campbell says Rituals enable us to become “transparent to the transcendent”. That much needed link to the mystery of life. That connection with sacred.

Another function of ritual is its Reparative role. By remembering and reestablishing our inner rhythms. It restores our original basis. By checking back with what is. With what has always been. And with what shall be.

Rituals offer the comfort of touch. Not only physical (when possible) but soulful. A touch with beauty and authentic.

A reinvigoration of smell, taste, comfort and sensitivity.

In my women’s circle we are always sitting on the floor. That long-forgotten practice of feeling our own sitting bones, our feet, our lower back, and most importantly our own discomfort.

How do we sit with it?

Where does the mind go when Discomfort arises?

How do we go fixing it, getting rid, running away? Grasping on pleasure and comfort.

Lots to consider when putting together a ritual.

Another important role of Ritual-to invite some abandoned, displaced and unwanted parts of our psyche. Ritual offers a space and time for these to turn up. To assist them with their maturation. To hold them shamelessly.

Ritual brings forward the invisible and makes it seen. Just like individual therapy, we make the unconscious conscious. The invisible-seen. The repressed – welcomed.

In ritual, as Francis Weller puts it, something inside us shimmers, quickens, and aligns itself with a larger, more vital element. We are released from limiting constraints and we enter a fuller expression of ourselves.

The next ritual I offer is the one of BEFRIENDING of those orphaned and abandoned Inner Children within us all.

Brisbane, Feb 12, 9.30-2.30pm, in person, on the floor.

Spots are limited unlike the divine glow that will follow after you dip into this work 🍯

Contact me at

With love,

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