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IFS ~ healing from the inside out

The Internal Family Systems (IFS) model is a cutting-edge approach to treating the lasting impact of trauma, helping us to better understand and heal the different parts of ourselves.

Image by Alana Jay

By using self-compassion and mindfulness, IFS allows us to access our inner wisdom and resolve internal conflicts.

The IFS model approaches the treatment of trauma in several ways. Here are some of the specific and unique ways in which IFS can help:

  1. Acknowledging and Understanding Parts: IFS helps individuals understand and acknowledge the different parts of their personality that have been formed as a result of past traumatic experiences. By giving these parts a voice and understanding their motivations and behaviors, individuals can begin to heal.
  2. Self-Leadership: IFS emphasizes the importance of self-leadership in the healing process. By accessing the Self, the core of our being, individuals can lead their parts in a direction of healing and integration.
  3. Self-Compassion: IFS encourages individuals to approach their internal parts with compassion and understanding, rather than judgment or criticism. This self-compassion helps to reduce the power of trauma and promote healing.
  4. Mindfulness: IFS uses mindfulness techniques to help individuals stay present in the moment and regulate their emotions. This can be particularly helpful for individuals who struggle with intrusive thoughts or memories related to trauma.
  5. Resolving Inner Conflicts: IFS helps individuals resolve inner conflicts by encouraging communication and collaboration between different parts. This can lead to a greater sense of unity and stability within the individual, reducing the impact of trauma.

IFS offers a holistic and compassionate approach to the treatment of trauma, helping individuals to access their inner wisdom and heal from the inside out.

IFS reminds us all that WE ARE MAGIC!

If you feel ready to give IFS a try, you can get in touch via email at horoforwomen@gmail.com

Yours in Healing,

Aleksandra ❤️‍🩹

Aleksandra Staneva, PhD is a psychotherapist in private practice in Brisbane, Australia. Her work focuses primarily on supporting women in their process of Self-discovery through self-compassion, self-awareness and self acceptance. Aleksandra is Level 2 certified IFS therapist and she uses a range of embodied, depth psychology and feminist lenses. Aleksandra works with women from all over the world via Online and In Person Therapy.

2 thoughts on “IFS ~ healing from the inside out”

  1. Hi I’m really interested in more information on IFS and if you do any workshops around this please. Is this similar to family consultation?
    Thanks Kristy

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    1. Hi Kristy! Thank you for your interest. Í constantly offer such workshops. Currently there is a 7 week IFS Healing Circle on. The next one starts on October. Drop me an email to be added to the list. And yes, the model is similar in some ways to family constellations Warmly,


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