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Lockdown Self-compassion

Sitting with lots of Inner Activation.

💜Recognizing All that is present for my Inner world right now. All the discomfort. Disappointment. Disconnection. Dreams undone. The turmoil.

Not trying to change it. Just giving it a name. A good label. Some air.

💜Allowing it All to be. Just as it is. Painful. Unfair. Hopeless. Raw. Triggering. Desperate. Alone. Disappointed. Saying YESSS to it all.

Sensing the presence of something else now too
🤍COMPASSION. CAPACITY. SPACE. BREATH. SOFT COTTON-LIKE SENSITIVITY. not much words around it. Just experiencing it.

💜Asking gently where are all these feelings in my body. Sitting really really long with that gentle inquiry. Ahaaa I see. Ok. Yes. The Rawness is so real. Visceral. Deeeeeeeep.

💜What does All of this need? How can I be with All of it?
I sit. I wait. I get quiet. I listen. Threading. Pacing myself. Holding myself. Offering touch. Offering care inward. Tears dripping on my notes. Creating strange blotches that swirl and dry. Offering warmth inside. Receiving it simultaneously.

Sitting. Quietly. Not alone. With myself. Offering and receiving. Being my own Inner Mother. Stretching the edges. Smoothing the surface. Rocking mySelf.

I hope you feel held today. I hope you don’t have to go through this alone again. Because you have YOU!

Lots of love and compassion, dear souls!

Aleks 🤍💜🖤💜🤍

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