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Inner Child circle

It’s no secret that the ways in which we were mothered (and parented) affects us for life.

We can choose to remain unconscious about it and allow this to continue to impact on our
🌻 intimate relationships through attachment wounds
🌻 parenting and thus perpetuating the same wounding onto our children and their children too
🌻the way we care for ourselves
🌻our creative lives

Or… we can face our story with Courage, Self-compassion, Curiosity and … experience deep tectonic shifts.

There are many Mother Wounds that even those of us who were relatively well-parented are still holding on to.

Bringing consciousness and awareness is step 1 on the journey of getting to know our own story, and healing young and vulnerable parts of us stuck in the past.

Join me in a 3-hour archeological exploration of the soul using the lantern of myth, archetypes, story, sharing and reflection as we illuminate those parts of our inner cave that we don’t easily go to.

My lens is a complex amalgamation of:

✨Jungian Depth Analytical Psychology
✨Internal Family Systems (IFS)
✨Mythology, Storytelling and Narrative Psychology
✨Compassion-focused therapy
✨Motherhood studies (perinatal mental health)

Format: ONLINE (Zoom)
When: 24 April 22
Time: Australian Eastern Standard 5-8pm
Cost: AUD $140
All welcome!

📧 horoforwomen@gmail.com

Image by Jessica Araus ❤️

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