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On small daily commitments (Vitamin D)

What is your priority today?

Setting tiny little challenges, asking ourselves about our priorities and values brings a deepened sense of self awareness.

I have made it a ritual to sit in the sun. Every morning. For about 10 minutes. I get up before sunrise anyway. I sneak out to the veranda with a cuppa (and lots of layers – it’s been 10 degrees these last few early mornings) and I receive the warmth of the first rays on my face.

I allow myself to feel.
To pause and delight in these brief yet so nourishing moments.
It always amazes me how powerful, grounding and awe inspiring this feels.
To re-arrive, re-connect with the natural order of things.

For me in particular, the need to ground into an archetypal Masculine presence, represented by the Sun, feels quite strong in the moment.

The more I delve into the Feminine 🌚 , both in my work and in my personal journey, the more the balance for the Masculine ☀️ makes itself present.

This balance, once restored, sits on the tip for a moment-in pure presence, until tipped over to one side, once again seeking to be restored.

Through moments of self-awareness and inner knowing. Through listening.

The moments that make our lives.

The energy that comes from such simple yet self-caring practices accumulate over time.

And I find myself full of vitamin D (also for Delight ☀️)

I guess my priority is to offer myself tiny yet frequent moments of delight.

How about you?

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