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On Soul work and the Feminine

I see a lot of women in my practice.

Mothers on the verge.
Transitioning into the unknown of motherhood, alone and unprepared. Or more so, unequipped and wrongly conditioned by a culture of intensive mothering, unattainable standards or push to ‘perform’ motherhood.

Daughters filled with rage.
Burning anger. Destructive anger.
Creative anger.

Boredom. Unhappiness. Trauma. Irritability. Disconnection. Loss of pathway. Staying in abusive relationships and heartless jobs. Co-depending on others. Resisting change. Full of fears and full of self-resentment.

Mostly I see women, longing – both young and old, to find and live authentically. From their true selves.

Many of these women are experiencing multiple transitions and do not understand that the breakdown of their old lives is the Portal leading them to wholeness. Leading them home. That inner home. The one of the Feminine. Not female. Feminine. The Anima. The grace, the goddess within.

The path, the tao, the dao, the dharma, the healing, the going home means an ultimate Reclaiming of our inner parts that have been

  • denied
  • repressed
  • neglected

The shift from Ego or Appearance or Whateverothersthink- self towards living from the SOUL. The Soul or the capital S Self, deep, wise, compassionate, enough.

The land of the Feminine is available to all yet it is full of turns, danger, boredom, pain and darkness as much as beauty, grace, creativity and love. It requires a methaphorical death of the old ways and the recognition of the Life-Death-Life cycle.

This individual and collective initiation into the Deep Feminine is the 3rd wave of feminism. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, it is about shedding centuries old stereotypes of what a Woman Should Be.

When we do Inner Work we don’t simply transform our selves but we bring wholeness to our family, community, the world and we recognize how we are all one. We are all connected.

What’s the 1st step that you will take onto the path of freedom?

Onto the path of the Feminine?

With love,


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