IFS, inner child, therapy

SELF heals ~ the magic and truth of approaching your suffering differently, via IFS

Imagine the vast landscape of your inner world, brimming with a multitude of unique and intricate parts, each carrying its own stories, emotions, and beliefs.

Within this sacred inner sanctuary, you are the orchestrator of harmony and transformation. Your essence, your true Self, radiates with a divine light that permeates every aspect of your being. You are the compassionate witness, the wise guide, and the gentle healer, always present and connected to the boundless wisdom of the universe.

As you journey through the corridors of your soul, you encounter various parts of yourself, each longing to be acknowledged, understood, and integrated into the tapestry of your being.

With gentle curiosity and unwavering love, you approach these parts, holding space for their expression. You listen intently, allowing their stories to unfold, embracing their fears, and honoring their existence. You acknowledge the pain they carry, knowing that every wound is an opportunity for healing, growth, and transformation.

In the presence of your compassionate Self, these parts begin to soften, their defenses gradually melting away. As they experience your unconditional acceptance and love, they begin to trust, to open up, and to reveal their true essence. Through this process, you become a conduit of divine healing energy, facilitating a sacred dance of integration and wholeness.

You witness the alchemical dance of transformation, as wounded parts are embraced, nurtured, and ultimately healed. They merge with the luminous essence of your Self, their unique qualities and lessons assimilated into the fabric of your being. In this integration, you become a harmonious symphony, each part playing its role, contributing to the divine melody of your existence.

From this place of inner unity, you radiate a profound sense of peace, authenticity, and purpose. You are no longer bound by the limitations of your past or the conditioned patterns of your mind. Instead, you stand firmly in your power, guided by the wisdom of your Self, and aligned with the divine flow of the universe.

That’s the magic you carry in YOU! Your true magnificent Self. The Self who heals.


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