lived experiences, nature, poetry, Self-care, therapy

At Home, wherever you are

The state of feeling HOME is key in both my professional client work as well as my personal journey of self-discovery as a nomad woman who continues to seek, move, experience…

I both seek the UPROOTEDness and yet I resist it.

Yet the concept of Home, of Inner Home is not contingent upon external places… it is within.

It is a sense of inner belonging.
A sense of unconditional love.
An unending inner connection with Self.
With Greater.
Great Mother,
the Divine within,
Wild Woman,
La Que Sabe (the One who Knows)

And here, pictured, is the Queen on the Rainforest, that I regularly pay homage (HOMEage) to. She is absolute.

She guides and mentors me with pure presence.

She stands tall.

She is home. When lost – I envision Her.

And I am Home wherever I am.

With reverence,

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